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Attention Is All You Need

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This paper, published from work performed at Google Brain and Google Research, proposes a new network architecture for tackling machine translation problems (among other ML transduction problems). This new approach simplifies the classic approach to translation while also achieving better performance. Accompanying the paper is a Jupyter notebook created at Harvard to add annotations to the original article while also supplying code mentioned in the work. This paper is most similar to the kinds of articles you can expect to be reading when doing original research.

: an Applied Trolly Problem?

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This week, we're shifting focus slightly to look at ethics within the field of artifical intelligence. Ethics are an important consideration for anyone interested in the field of AI. This particular paper focuses on one of the largest debates in the current AI ethics field, accident algorithms in self-driving cars. In the event a self-driving car realizes an accident is about to occur, what should it do? What outcomes should be prioritized? The paper reviews the current viewpoints on these questions.