I’m one of the founders of AI@UCF and I’ve done research across quite a bit of Machine Learning. I’ve since transitioned to working at the intersection of Computer Science and Cognitive Science, building computational models that are able to do tasks that we see children and young humans able to do, trying to work out some of the computational basis of discussions.

Founding AI@UCF

Following a summer of machine learning in 2016, I co-founded AI@UCF with Felix Sosa. We started the group out of a desire to teach and noticing a lack of accessible material to undergrads at UCF. We set out to build a course that even first-year students could access and begin their journey in machine learning, data science, and cognitive science.

Since Founding

While teaching and building AI@UCF, I hopped around some labs, mentored at Udacity, and picked up freelance work (via Toptal) focused on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. The labs I hopped around were the Center for Research in Computer Vision with Mubarak Shah and the Natural Language Processing Group with Fei Liu. I also spent a summer at MIT in the MSRP-Bio Program, hosted at the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines at MIT, where I worked in Computational Cognitive Science, focused on Social Cognition.

Since Graduating

Following that fateful summer, I’ve returned to MIT as a Research Assistant. I’m still freelancing at Toptal. And now I’m advising AI@UCF on further fleshing out core and discussions – I also pop back from time-to-time to give guest lectures.



  • BSc in Computer Science, 2019

    University of Central Florida


  • Fall 2017

    Vice President, Coordinator: Core

  • Spring 2018

    President, Director: Core

  • Fall 2018

    President, Director: Core

  • Spring 2019

    President, Director: Core, Director: Discussions

  • Fall 2019

    Director: Core, Director: Discussions, Coordinator: Projects, Coordinator: Core, Advisor: Projects, Guest Speaker: Core

  • Spring 2020

    Guest Speaker: Core

  • Fall 2020

    Advisor: Core