Core: Fall 2019

This Semester's Plan

This semester we continued polishing our material - focusing on cultivating group interaction and working to solidify your understanding of the topics we’re covering. We also introduced Deep Reinforcement Learning and Computational Cognitive Science as topics to move us towards a broader understanding of both cutting-edge research and the begin moving us back to our goals of covering Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Cognitive Science.

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This semester we focused on polishing the material from Fall 2018 and re-introduced Reinforcement Learning to our teaching stack.

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We’re continuing to offer most of our Fall 2019 selection, but are giving some new topics a try, namely Time Series and Attention. While that means we don’t cover topics like Computational Cognitive Science this semester, we’re building out our collection of lecture-workshops. This semester’s focus also centers around thoroughly developing the interactive components of our lecture-workshops.