Machine Learning Applications

from pathlib import Path

DATA_DIR = Path("/kaggle/input")
if (DATA_DIR / "ucfai-core-sp20-ml-apps").exists():
    DATA_DIR /= "ucfai-core-sp20-ml-apps"
    # You'll need to download the data from Kaggle and place it in the `data/`
    #   directory beside this notebook.
    # The data should be here:
    DATA_DIR = Path("data")

Other Meetings in this Series

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This lecture is all about Recurrent Neural Networks. These are networks with memory, which means they can learn from sequential data such as speech, text, videos, and more. Different types of RNNs and strategies for building them will also be covered. The project will be building a LSTM-RNN to generate new original scripts for the TV series "The Simpsons". Come and find out if our networks can become better writers for the show!

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How can we infer on the past to predict the future? In this meeting we are going to be learning about time series data and its unique qualities. After we sharpen up our data science skills, we will be putting them to good use by analyzing and predicting the spread of the Coronavirus!

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