The Attitude of Therapists and Physicians on the Use of Sex Robots in Sexual Therapy

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The ability to perform a detailed decision-making approach based on large quantities of parameters and data is at the core of the majority of sciences. Traditionally, all possible scenarios should be considered, and their outcomes assessed via a logical and systematic manner to obtain accurate and applicable methods for knowledge discovery. However, such approach is typically associated with high computational complexity. In this article we discuss some requirements of artificial intuition and present a model of artificial intuition that utilises semantic networks to improve a decision system.

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This week's paper will investigate a new approach for analyzing psychometric qualities from text. Psychometrics, such as emotions or personality traits, are often subconsciously conveyed through the manner in which people communicate. The authors of the paper propose a new method for analyzing psychometric qualities of authors using a modification of other previously developed architectures for natural language processing and analysis.

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